Training with Sue

Training with Sue

Sue offers different styles of training for the individual, groups or seminars whether it’s to help you with your psychic & mediumistic skills or to give you more positivity, empowerment and motivational experience in your life. We all have different needs for our Soul.

One to one tuition and mentoring is highly effective as it is a personal experience for you. With the one to one private tuition with bespoke training to meet your needs, we can work together to explore your own personal energy and to explore your abilities and your confidence, to bring you empowerment with ongoing support. To work on your own personal energy is a vital part of your life that enhances your own Spirituality

Group sessions are highly effective too, in that it helps people to have the positivity and fulfilment they need within the group. These sessions are conducted in a warm and fun way that people feel inspired and empowered within themselves.

Sue has a high success rate with people helping to give them more confidence, feeling more empowered, more understanding, more inspired along with their development.

Sue is a natural medium and is very passionate and loves working with the Spirit World, Sue has trained extensively at the world famous and renowned Arthur Findlay College. Sue has also trained with some of the finest mediums worldwide and a CSNU award holder of the SNU (Spiritualists National Union)  and has a unique way of helping others to make the connection to the Spirit world.

Sue is a sought after teacher of all levels ranging from beginners to the advanced she has helped many people whether its mediumship, psychic or positivity/motivational/Soul work.

Sue also helps you to overcome the obstacles and blockages in your life. Sometimes we struggle in our daily lives not knowing where we are going or what to do next. Sue uses the law of attraction that she uses herself on a daily basis to help clients and the metaphysics of life within themselves, this can have profound healing on all levels. Sue does Soul-self work in these sessions.

Private one to one tuition –  £240 – Sue offers this 8 session programme whether its mediumship to develop your intuition or a lifestyle positivity coaching approach that is tailored to your needs.

*SPECIAL OFFER* – £160 – Sue offers a 4 session programme to suit your needs, and offer 2 more free sessions. *Don’t miss out on this opportunity*


Private one to one tuition Pay As Go – £40 – each session is booked that is suited to your lifestyle.

Workshops – Group sessions – £40 – these groups are very inspiring and uplifting to help you open up or enhance your psychic and mediumship faculty, or the positivity and motivational connecting to yourself within your Soul. Working on your Soul-self can help to turn your life around in a more positive way.

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