My name is Susan Hind but many people know me as Sue Hind. I am a spiritualist medium, or pyschic medium as people are more familiar with this term, I am also a spiritual teacher and healer. I am based in South Wootton in Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

I am partially hearing due to my mother having German measles but this has not stopped me from doing my work, as my deafness actually enhances my intuition developing my own unique gifts and talents. I am passionate in what I do, I love helping people from all walks of life. I do not judge people as we all have lessons to learn in life.

As a young child I used to see and speak to my grandad from the spirit world and was aware that there were things I just knew and said. I soon learned to not talk about such things and really tried to block it out so I could live a normal life and fit in at school with the other children.


Since returning to the UK in 2008 I have found my passion for helping people and was clear to me that spirit wanted to work with me. In 2011 I began to do 1-2-1 readings for friends and family slowly progressing and pursuing to work with spirit professionally. Over the past four years I have been expanding my working platform, working in different spiritual churches and venues such as pubs, village halls, hotels, sports & social clubs, etc.

I have had extensive training with the wonderful world teacher TV Psychic Medium Tony Stockwell who became my Mentor in the Advanced Mentoring Programme in Mediumship, and have also had training with Tony on the Teaching Advanced Mentoring with him. I also have had extensive training at the world renowned Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Mediumship and Psychic Sciences.

If you would like to come see me look to my events page and see what is coming up, alternatively if you would like to book me for a venue or event go to the contact page.